The Living Streets Festival 22nd Sept 2010

As part of European Mobility Week 2010 we produced the “Living Streets” festival on Wednesday Sept 22nd 2010.

Sponsored by Dublin City Council, the Living Streets Festival is a celebration of sustainable travel and the positive use of our urban spaces.

The festival took place on South William Street, Drury Street, Fade Street, Coppinger Row and Castle Market, Dublin 2, all day on Wednesday September 22nd 2010.

The festival was traffic free and the roads were closed to vehicles all day to allow you to enjoy the city streets!

Free entertainment was provided all day including live music, live stand up comedy and an on street exhibition of cargo bikes and other innovative methods of urban transport for people and goods.

Music came from Rory Faithfield, the Niall Toner Band (Bluegrass) and the Hot Club of Dublin (Jazz) on the main stage on Drury Street.

As if that was not enough we will have an outdoor exhibition of “Bikes as Urban Transport” – I.e. cargo Bikes, bike trailers for towing the kids and so on.

That evening we tried to show a FREE pedal powered outdoor movie, on Fade Street (Where the Market Bar is) at 8PM. We will even provided eco friendly seats for you to take always with you after the show!

However the weather gods had other plans and due to a torrential downpour whe had to revert to our backup plan and show “Belville Rendevous” in the Market Bar.

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