Dublin Cycle Chic – Wednesday June 16th 2010

The first ever Dublin Cycle Chic fashion show gracefully rolled into town on two wheels last week to great acclaim. The brainchild of suave Danish cyclist Mikael Colville-Anderson – founder of the wildly influential Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog – the show was aimed at not only bringing sexy back to the bike, but also to really push the notion of making Dublin a major cycling-viable city akin to Copenhagen.  This was achieved by gorgeous models parading down the catwalk in trendy cycling attire and also of course cycling on bikes; all overseen by one of  Ireland’s top stylists Paula Hughes and Arnotts.

As part of Bike Week 2010, the show was organised by Dublin City Council and the Danish Embassy, with all operations being co-ordinated by us here at Alchemy. Before the event, Colville-Anderson spent the day in Dublin photographing various cyclists around the city for the blog: “I’ve seen ladies in dresses and men in suits on bicycles today, so you must be doing something right even if you’ve got very bad infrastructure. Regular people in regular clothes are reclaiming the streets with the bike.”

Colville-Anderson asserts that obviously there are a huge amount of positive reasons for a city in adopting a more cycling-driven city model – health and pollution decline in particular – but we all know this by the many schemes already in place to raise awareness of those. The primary idea behind Cycle Chic is to promote an all- encompassing casual side to it;  that it need not be a concerted effort, one can wear their fancy new threads and still look cool, in fact even cooler, on their equally cool new bike. God it’s cool in here..

A big thank you to all involved who made this a hugely successful event, the first of many we hope.

Unfortunately since the show we have seen one or two very unfashionable people cycling around town…..Baby steps.

Check out some more pictures of the show here

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